Spiritual Study

Mantra for week:

Bible Verses: Luke:

Bible  lesson:

Bible Study lesson:Ecclesiastics (the exodus)

CC morning service:  Y  N – attempted 7/24 – late or did not meet

Did I meditate:   y  N                        for how long?  ___________________________

from 7/22/2013  Bethlehem sermon – John ,  my take — get over my own suffering as God has already delivered me from it once.    Jesus’ miracle in Bethesda for lame man to rise and carry his bed, but did not answer the question asked when Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed.   (2) Jesus violated law/custom by performing a healing on the Sabbath.   Question: Is Bible acknowledging spiritual gifts by stating that other healings were performed?  Were the healings considered “dark powers” then too.?  How did Jesus violate the Sabbath?

7/28/2013  Power of God sermon about corporate responsibility to support one another’s maintaining alignment.   constant fight to remain aligned, as it is suppose to be.    Guard one’s heart as Bible intends is to maintain integrity, courage, congruence, and peace.  Peace be with you.  Go in peace.  Guard against misalignment and distraction from purpose, so that we can focus on inner light reflection of God.   Constant work to total submit and align with the power of God.  Keep your heart, above all else.  (Missed verse – Ephesians, I believe).  Walk in peace and light.


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