my birthday

badmitton set

tent up

croquet,  horseshoes, fix bikes, board game/ party game,  Friday night – steak & cheese dinner


the museums

yoga & meditation

camping survival & geocache (group), canoe

tech survival = right now

cook dinner – bake – brunch

Salsa or JJ Lounge

Brandin comedy & artwork; Alex media display; Grant & Isaiah play music; Tamia – ballet, Ashley – skit & sign lessons;  Mikai – ball (garden dish); shenita – braid my hair; Jade – update the makeup, Angie – a reading or story telling; Taira – latest dance

Famous Daves, Noodles & co, ?baskin robbins —    Lunch @ eileens (carrabas w/ Renee)

Thank you card.

I want $35 pool 10-trip pass.   $30 kokofit 30-day pass;  $30 fred pass or $3.00 each;  $30 for Old Town Yarnery; $10 to renew subscription to MyVegetableGardenPlanner; Travel/metro money.

$5 gift cards to bookstore, downtown haunts – Eileen, wine bar, college coffee;  Farmers market tokens;  wine for cooking; ymca class passes; Ari dance studio; a performance – intl friends event or discount anyplace; firend of library; writer’s group membership



Glynis McCants Life Number 8, per Dr. oz.

Life Number 8′s need a sense of financial security to feel safe.  It is also hard for you to take advice from other people.  So when making a decision, you have to feel like you made the decision and not somebody else.  But because of this, you generally learn things the hard way.  On the plus side, you are honest people, but be careful not to be too honest without “sugar coating” it first, because you may hurt people’s feelings without realizing it.  You may seem insensitive to people around you, but you actually are extremely sensitive at your core.


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